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Full Coverage Modular Holster for Outside The Waistband(OWB) Carry in .080" Kydex

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Update as of 02/12/2021-

I wanted to update everyone and let you all know that production has resumed! We are doing our best to fill orders as we can, though it's somewhat of a slow process as I can only work a few hours a day without suffering majoy headaches and missing the next day.

Black Label Products is owned and operated solely by my wife Erika and myself. I makes the holsters and as well as a majority of the office stuff and Erika helps with shipping and order processing when she can aside from her day job.

I(Mike) suffered a minor stroke over the weekend of December 19th and after several days in the hospital is home and resting. We of course do not know what long term rehabilitation looks like.

We will of course take care of our clients whether that means refunds or just keeping you up to date on when we can get things rolling again. If there is anyone that would like to help with his after care our PayPal is blacklabelholsters@gmail.com

We greatly appreciate all our wonderful customers and your patience! Please check our Instagram (@black_label_holsters) page where we will begin posting updates soon.


We are filling orders in the order they were received. At this point, any new orders will be filled in approximately 4-6 weeks with that time coming down as my recovery continues.


If you have any questions or concerns about a previously placed order or an order yet to be placed, we are always available to respond by email: sales@blacklabelholsters.com


We would like to thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes! May God bless you and your loved ones.

-Mike & Erika Dehnke

As a result, our fulfillment time is no longer as short at is used to be.  If you are not willing to wait 4-6 weeks, for a custom, hand-made holster, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER.  Some will be faster, but it's better to plan for a slower turnaround.  Thank you for your understanding.

Great news!  USPS Priority Mail Shipping is now $4.99 on all orders under 5lbs!!!!

We cannot fully express our appreciation for all the love and support we're getting, as well as how patient folks are being!  Right now it's just Mike making holsters, though we will hopefully be hiring at least a part-time assistant here very soon!!

Growing is fun, exciting and scary all at the same time, so thanks for sticking with us!

 If you have any questions or concerns prior to placing your order, please don't hesitate to email us at: sales@blacklabelholsters.com as we are here to help!


 Need A Magazine Carrier?  Add One To Your Order With A Holster And Receive 25% Off The Carrier!

If you have questions or requests, please shoot us an email to: sales@blacklabelholsters.com

All holsters come standard with a sweatguard/bodyshield that can be removed by the end user if desired(though the holster will no longer be returnable).

If you have any questions after placing your order, please make note of this during your order or email us after ordering(include your order number) at sales@blacklabelholsters.com


Our "flagship" Outside the Waistband(OWB) holster, The Full Coverage, is a modular holster constructed of US-made .080" thick Kydex.  We carefully mold, assemble, finish and pack each holster in our shop, located in Washougal, WA. 

We only use industry standard brass eyelets(rivets) along with either black nitride or black oxide coated machine steel screws and backing posts.  We do not use aluminum hardware!

Our belt loops are injection molded polymer designed and manufactured by TacWare in the USA.  These loops are virturally indestructible, work with both 1.5" and 1.75" belts and offer molded in holes allowing use of a 1/4" flat blade bit driver to counter hold the receiving posts when installing or removing the loops.

Each Full Coverage holster is made with zero cant(angle) built in.  Between the eyelet spacing on the holster(.75" on-center) and the mounting holes in each loop, the possible ride height and cant options, both positive and negative, are numerous.  The hole spacing also allows for use of many MOLLE attachments from Tactical Tailor, Blade-Tec,  and several other companies.

Right and Left Handed models as well as several color variants are available for any weapon listed in our current available options with additional options becoming available in the near future. 

In-stock holsters will ship inside of three business days and all others(unless custom combos not shown) will ship inside of ten business days.  Holsters that are not in stock can still be ordered and will also ship within ten business days.

If you require a sweatguard, have an idea for a custom holster or want it made to fit a different mounting platform, please don't hesitate to email us: sales@blacklabelholsters.com


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