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Icarus Precision

Discontinued by Manufacturer- Icarus Precision 12" 7075-T6 Free Float M-LOK Rail system w/ Titanium Barrel Nut

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We are sorry to report that these have been discontinued by Icarus Precision to focus more on their ACE Grip Module lines.


Thank you for your support, understanding and patience as we deal with these issues, that we see as affronts to our freedoms as Americans.



Introducing a new design and superior construction in the AR15 free-float rail market!

We are so proud to introduce and distribute an outstanding new offering from Icarus Precision, LLC, located in our home town of Washougal, WA!  This rail will likely be a trend setter in regards to design, styling, strength and manufacturing abilities.

Initially, we are offering only 12" rails in 7075-T6 with M-LOK provisions.  Other lengths will become available in late 2018.

There are several requirements we settle on before deciding to design and build this rail system:

  • Must Be Constructed From American Made 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Increased Strength Over Other Market Offerings
  • Reduced Flex
  • Narrowing At Point Of Contact With Upper Receiver
  • Must Work With Any Upper Receiver Using Milspec Picatinny Flat Top Rail
  • Titanium Barrel Nut That Does Not Require Indexing/Timing Or Shims
  • Built-In Anti-Rotation Tabs
  • Increased Grip Without Requiring The Addition Of Grip Panels
  • Chamferred And Radiused Edges
  • Sub-$300 Retail Price


From Icarus Precision:

We set out to design and manufacture a rail to fill what we feel are design and strength gaps in the current market.

Our rail is the only one on the market truly made from true solid billet, meaning every rail starts from a solid block of 2.5"x 2.5"x13” 7075-T6 Aluminum bar stock weighing approximately eight pounds and ends up weighing just over ten ounces. The specifications provided below will make it pretty clear which material is superior in every single way to 6061.

The main reason we chose 7075 over 6061 is due to the fact that 7075-T6 aluminum approaches the strength of some mild steels while being much lighter.  However 7075 is approx 50-70% more expensive than 6061 and typically more difficult to work with.  These reasons are why most companies steer clear and choose to use 6061 instead, increasing their profit margins.  We are more concerned with strength, durability, reduction of flex and making sure our clients get top quality products, than we are with profit margins.

Most every other rail on the market is from 6061 extrusions, meaning the aluminum material is pressed through a die to generate 85-98% of the outer and inner profiles as well as the inside and outside diameters, allowing minimal machine work to be a matter of putting in the M-lok or KeyMod windows and some form of clamping system to hold it to the barrel nut.

Contrarily, we machine 100% of the surfaces on our rail. Every face, radius, bore, facet, slot, chamfer and counter bore is cut on our in-house 5 axis CNC machine.

In a nut shell that is the difference between our rails and others on the market.  By employing a different manufacturing method and by using a 2” long Grade 5 titanium barrel nut, the rail flex is all but eliminated, which is a huge advantage to keep optics, sights and laser designators at their correct settings and zero.



Tensile Strength – 45,000 psi
Yield Point – 40,000 psi
Brinell Hardness – 95
Elongation at Break – 12%
Shear Strength – 31,000 psi



Tensile Strength – 83,000 psi
Yield Point – 74,000 psi
Brinell Hardness – 150
Elongation at Break – 10%
Shear Strength – 48,000 psi


7075-T6 Billet Aluminum Rail Specifications:

  • Finish- CeraKote High Temp
  • 12" V1.1 M_LOK Rail Weight(No barrel nut or hardware): 10.79oz
  • Titanium Barrel Nut(2" long): 1.2oz
  • Laser Cut 316 Stainless Pinch Plate w/ Stainless 8/32" Hex Screws: .71oz
  • Total System Weight: 12.70oz


Thank for taking the time to consider our products and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions as we are here to help along with providing superior products to the shooting sports community.


The Icarus Precision Team


Due to ITAR Regulations, the exportation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories is heavily regulated in the U.S.  We are not registered with Department of State as an exporter, therefor we cannot ship any of our products outside the U.S. We cannot and will not ship to a freight forwarder who then ships outside the U.S. either.