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Made In The USA Cotton Cloth Mask Face Cover, Multi-layer, Bendable Bridges, Hand Made in Washington State, American Flag, Trump, MAGA, Don't Tread On Me, Trump 2020

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Now that many locations in the U.S. and around the world are mandating un-Consitutional face mask orders, we figured you might as well wear some style.  While we have our own feelings about mask-wearing and if it actually helps stop or slow the spread of the CCP Virus(Chinese Communist Party), we do not at any time want our local businesses to get fined and have to deal with spending tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees only to be proven right in the court of law.

These face coverings are also especially helpful against the increasing use of facial identification cameras and software being used in the United States of America and the rest of the world.  Keep your face private with our hand-made masks!

These masks are 100% Made In The USA with 100% cotton material that is very soft, comfortable and comprised of three layers.  They have bendable nose bridges as well as a bendable front to keep the mask away from one's lips while they are talking, thus preventing the mask from constantly creeping down one's face.

Black Label Products, LLC does not intend, imply, advertise or further make claims that these masks will provide any medical protection.  These are simply to attempt to lightly filter the air in which you breathe and keep your local businesses from getting fined for your coming in to their establishment without a face covering.

Black Label Products, LLC and Black Label Holsters are not and will not be held responsible or liable for any sickness contracted by or when wearing these masks.

If you see a pattern here that you would like mix and matched, please let us know as this is absolutely possible!

All masks are hand-cut and then stitched by hand by Momma Black Label, who has been sewing for approximately 60 years.

Masks are machine washable and dryable, DO NOT MICROWAVE!!  Metal bridges will not rust as they are sealed.  Elastic ear bands are comfortable and can be used with behind-the-head strap retainers if desired.

Three sizes are available: Children's, Teen/Small Adult & Adult Large.

Please feel free to email us at sales@blacklabelholsters.com with any questions or requests you may have.

 Thank you for buying American Made Products from Proud Americans!  Don't take chances with Chinese-made products!