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Latest Updates/Mike's Health

After much discussion, consideration, debate and prayer, we have decided to temporarily close our books for new orders. It was a decision that did not come easily and is very painful for us, especially Mike, he loves this stuff!

Unfortunately, we do not have a solid date for reopening since Mike's health has taken a turn for the worse as it
seems some of the side-effects from the bi-lateral stroke he suffered in
December of 2020 have come back, leaving him with near-constant
migraine headaches that will leave him bed-ridden for days, sometimes
weeks, on end.

top of that, he has apparently has compressed/collapsed discs and fused vertebrae in his neck that are causing
numbness in one arm and constant pain in the other, both resulting in an
inability to reliably and safely work with power tools.

has a wonderful neurologist and numerous other amazing(and expensive!) doctors who are
attempting to control the headaches and other motor function issues with
some carefully prescribed medication, epidural steroid injections and physical therapy in an
effort to avoid any future neck surgery.

and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may create, but we pray you
understand that this company doesn't move forward if he isn't healthy.

don't hesitate to reach out with prayers, comments, concerns
or with any questions you may have.  Ultimately, we are here to help
because without you all, we would have NOTHING!

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and loyalty.  We cannot tell you all what you mean to us!

Sincerely, Mike & Erika Dehnke

If an item shows to be in stock on our Quick Ship page, shipment
will be completed within 4 business days. If Mike has a few good days and can finish some holsters, we will also list them as they come available.

How and Why We Started BLH

The earliest version of our company was started in 2007 as Columbia Firearm Services, Inc.  Our original products consisted of custom made display fixtures for storage, cleaning and retail display purposes. 

Shortly thereafter, we expanded to custom coatings and stumbled our way into custom holsters after attempting to find solutions that would fit our needs as CHL holders, hunters and hikers all while not breaking the bank.

In late 2011, BLH was fortunate enough to make our way onto Northwest Armory's radar.  Thanks in no small part to a loyal client and one of their fanstatic employees, we have been their go-to Kydex holster maker ever since!

In the summer of 2016 we were looking to expand and got bit by the lightweight AR15 bug.  After some research, our first products were lightweight aluminum barrel nuts for Noveske NSR, Bravo Company KMR and SMOS Arms rails.  We hope to expand our lightweight offerings in 2018 along with building our holster offerings and inventory.

Team BLH

Contacting Black Label Holsters

We are a very small shop, with one full-time holster maker.  As such, we do not usually have time to answer the shop phone.  Email and text are by far the best ways to contact us since we can keep better track of your requests, questions and orders.  You can find the Contact Us page at the top and alternatively you can send an email to either: sales@blacklabelholsters or blacklabelholsters@gmail.com, or text us at 360.909.6993. 

We always try to respond within 24 hours, but if you do not hear from us in less than 72 hours, please feel free to shoot us a quick reminder email and we'll get you squared away as best we can!